One Subject, Many Projects

The domain that I researched with my group is the evolution of storytelling. Our concept statement was “We are studying FORMS OF STORYTELLING  because we want to find out how IDEAS ARE CONVEYED THROUGH TIME  in order to understand THE EVOLUTION OF STORYTELLING- FROM THE EARLY BEGINNINGS TO THE FUTURE”.

Branching off of that, I sought to create an installation that would project cave drawings in a simulated cave space. The idea is that in this future scenario, there would be no more natural resources left, and this is how historical records are kept. The animations of the animals is to show how they are meant to be seen, in motion.



Along with the video, is a voice over telling the story of the cave drawings done the generic voice of this future world. The text goes:

With the advance of technology and the depletion of natural resources, the only way to experience historic cave paintings is in a simulated environment. In this cave experience, the characters have been documented and are now projected in front of you, the viewer, in real time. Cave drawings in their original format, are still images layered on top of one another to symbolize the characters moving. But, with the technology we have now, we can project them as they are intended to be seen.


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