Week 07 Reading Response

Maciej Cegłowski’s, Web Design: The First 100 Years, he went into a great detail about the development of technology starting with airplanes and comparing it the internet. His outlook on both is that, developers are constantly trying to make these technologies faster and better, that they become too expensive to produce, therefore making them obsolete. If they are too expensive to produce, they would not be profitable on the market. Ceglowski also makes a good point, why would normal people need an 8TB hard drive? Unless you work in a field that requires that much computer space, it is an unnecessary to have that much storage space. In Ceglowski’s eyes there are three ways people use the internet: “CONNECT THE WORLD”, “EAT THE WORLD”, “END THE WORLD”. There are people who use the internet for purely entertainment purposes, to talk to friends and family across the world and to watch cat videos. The second group are people who want to save the world with technology, but the problem with that is that everyone would have to connected to the web. There would sensors connected to everything we use, and we would become completely dependent on technology and the web. “But what if after software eats the world, it turns the world to shit?” Lastly, people who want to “END THE WORLD” are people that are pushing for artificial intelligence, sentient computers, and nanotechnology. “Why do we need to obsess on artificial intelligence, when we’re wasting so much natural intelligence?” It feels like technologists and scientists are becoming more and more obsessed with technology and depending on technology that without it, we would not be able to survive. We are so obsessed with intelligence that we are constantly trying to replicate that intelligence in computers. What would be the upside to creating artificial intelligence? I think his main point, though, is that technologists are constantly pushing to make things better that we get to a point where there is nowhere left to go, and we are left at a standstill.


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