My name is Vivian, and I am currently a Design and Technology graduate student at Parsons School of Design at The New School, with a background is in Animation at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. During my undergraduate studies, I produced a number of abstract and experimental films. For the Animation Senior Showcase, which was screened at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, I presented three films, Halcyon, Emancipation, and Celestial from my senior thesis. I have also had Morph shown at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center for their Art on the Marquee art show. My films often combines live-action footage, with special effects, animation, and sound design, focusing on texture, mood, movement, and layering to generate the desired affects. I am drawn to abstract art because I like the idea of allowing the viewers to decide what the meaning of a piece should be. By taking this approach, I also feel as if I am giving the viewer the same opportunity I had in exploring the art.

The theme of my work now revolves around storytelling- meaning that the pieces I am currently working on situate the viewers in a particular space combined with visuals that aim to emote a message. I am exploring ways in which I can tell the same story but through different mediums, i.e. how can I translate the visuals that are displayed into a soundscape that is heard? The use of my voice has also become more prominent in the works I am currently producing, using my voice as an artist and designer I wan to bring to light some of the issues that we are facing in our society today. Although I am shifting a bit from abstract experimental films, I am not necessarily abandoning them completely. Using the skills that I have learned from MassArt, I am now looking for interesting ways of combining the old with new technical skills I am learning.